Photos of an exhibition

Photo artists They are fortunate and greatly talented individuals, who are able to see the smallest and grandest beauties, the pain and perception of our world from a completely different perspective through the lens.

Photography is one of the most special professions, and perhaps the most dependent on the visual. Photographers have a unique sensitivity to the quality of information perceivable through the eyes, and they tend to be the most critical about what they see.

This is why it is a dear challenge to work with them, and a valued reference for Plakátnyomda. What these talented professionals need is reliable, fast, and high quality work.

The photo enlargements for the Berlin exhibition of ZSOLT REVICZKY in the digital workshop of our printing studio.

Place: BERLIN, Balassi-Institut Collegium Hungaricum

Title of exhibition: 6th annual “European Photography Month”

Title of exhibition: Urban worlds

Available: 15/11/2014 – 18/01/2018