Catch those eyes! Do you need home or office decoration that is uniquely creative? That turns heads? It’s our job to make your ideas come to life: from adhesive wallpapers, wall tattoos and window stickers, to floor stickers and self-adhesive wallpaper. We offer state-of-the-art printing equipment in design and implementation. We are passionate collectors. We love special technical solutions and equipment that facilitate easier, quicker performance of tasks. Our technologies: offset, screen printing, and digital printing. Our strengths: the highest professional standards, continuous technological development, and custom sizes and copy numbers.

Shop window decoration

Shop windows are one of the strangest local marketing opportunities. With custom graphics, glass decor and window dressing, you can make your shop windows more noticeable and attractive. You can order sale signs and brand messages in large-size, straight from the manufacturer. Order outdoor and indoor window stickers, signs, and adhesive texts, with a short deadline. We use only durable materials and premium-quality printing techniques. We’re flexible when it comes to shop window decoration – we offer everything from a custom piece to a full range of store chain stickers. We offer a wide range of marketing materials and shop window decorations: plotted, pressed letters, photos, images, and promotions that stand out. Upload your needs, ideas and desired sizes to our website, or contact one of our staff members to discuss the fastest, most economical, and attractive options for the available space. Shop window decoration is an important part of the campaign. If you order the printing of other paper-based materials with us, we will offer you all the services in one package. We will be a professional partner in shop window decoration. Minimum order: 50,000 HUF.

Floor sticker

Padlómatrica készítés, reklámmatrica nyomtatás. A padlómatricák jó minőségű, hosszú élettartamú, lépésálló polimer öntapadó fóliára készülnek, melyet úgynevezett lamináló fóliával látunk el. Ez a kiváló minőségű, vastag, csúszásmentes védőfólia garantálja a padlómatrica, lépcsőmatrica hosszú élettartamát, a napi több száz lépés ellenére is!