In order to achieve your goals, you must be noticed. You must be visible – and size matters. You have only a few seconds to make a lasting impression on people. The text, the graphics and the quality of the printing all make a difference. We also make custom sizes in any number of copies you like. With our many years of professional experience, we assure you that you’re in good hands. We offer the full range of printing services. The three technologies we use: offset, digital, screen printing. If need be, we personalize any item. Also in adhesive billboard format. Achieve your goals, go for success.

up to 1 piece12000 HUF/piece
between 2-5 pieces7500 HUF/piece
between 6-14 pieces6000 HUF/piece
between 15-49 pieces5000 HUF/piece
over 50 pieces4500 HUF/piece

Citylight poster


Citylight posters (CLP) are unique solutions that keep working for you day and night. Dominate public spaces. Allow yourself to be noticed even after dark. What’s more: give light to the darkness! Internally lit advertising columns and holding cabinets in transit stops are ideal forsophisticated, attractive public campaigns, or for media and advertising purposes.

up to 1 piece5000 HUF/piece
between 2-5 pieces4000 HUF/piece
between 6-14 pieces3500 HUF/piece
between 15-49 pieces3000 HUF/piece
over 50 pieces2500 HUF/piece

Photo wallpaper

… we love a good WOW effect. We love being simply mesmerized. So do your customers. Printed wallpaper with creative graphics (custom wallpaper) can be a versatile decorative tool in any store. We can confidently say that customers will forever remember the most creative, well-placed decorations. Self-adhesive wallpaper (or water-activated adhesive wallpaper) is like the visual titillation of customers. Let’s be honest: if a product is represented in a forceful manner, the desire to possess it is often created even without the express need for that product. If you’ve come up with your creative idea, visit so we can realize your vision in exactly the way you dreamed!