Tarpaulin banner

Banner, tarpaulin, or blackout. The “banners of streets and roads.” They are high-quality, durable company signs or advertisements, displayed on walls and on the sides of vehicles… Due to their hefty size, upwards of 10 square meters, they are the true giants of advertising, They embody strength and monumental visual impact. What www.plakatnyomda.hu offers is durable color and aesthetic quality that lasts for years. Our printed tarpaulins meet all physical criteria, and withstand the wear and tear of frost, sunlight, rain, and car washing, to remain visually attractive and long-lasting for years. Also available with double-sided banner printing.

Average price estimate for banners:[align-left]3000 HUF/sq m
minimum order:[align-left]10000 HUF

Building mesh


Its a spectacle – the key is in the light, perforated construction, which lends itself easily to a larger mesh structure of many square meters, or even covering several floors.

Quality is indispensable for the mesh to make a visual impact, which is not an easy feat with such sizes. Let’s do it together, and make it look easy! What’s more, we are able to deliver this huge task even with a really tight deadline.

Average price estimate for mesh building wraps:[align-left]3000 HUF/sq m[align-left]minimum order:[align-left]10000 HUF

Truck tarpaulin

The champions of road advertising are eye-catching advertising spaces in motion. Truck tarpaulin is a marketing tool that travels around the country, reaching people by the thousands. Don’t miss out on this this chance to communicate with your customers. www.plakatnyomda.hu offers durable color, aesthetic quality, and professional solutions.Continuous technological development, a well-tuned team, and premium quality raw materials, ensure punctual delivery and the success of our clients.Build your brand and acquire new clients with an advertisement in motion that delivers a kick!